Selling Out PepsiCo’s LTO in a Record-Breaking 72 Hours.

When EI was approached to help with the launch of Game Fuel x Dr. Disrespect’s LTO, Citrus Cherry- we were eager to level up with PepsiCo. So how did we make this the fastest selling LTO in Game Fuel history?

Through ecommerce & marketing strategy, highly targeted CRM campaigns, culturally relevant influencer partnerships, engaging site experience with animation and copywriting- this launch was a game changer. 

Citrus Cherry sold out in 72 hours, accounting for 69% of the store’s total revenue to date. CRM drove over 35% of the revenue with email at 50.8% open rate, 41.7% click rate, and an SMS click rate of 16.3%.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾