Launching the First-Ever MTN DEW Ecomm Store.

When our long-term Dew partners asked us to build the first-ever ecomm store, we said “how soon can we start?” We dove in with web design and development, custom merch designs, product and lifestyle photography, Dew Nation HW loyalty program integration, CRM capture, LTO beverage releases, and holiday merch line releases.

So what was the outcome? We saw single-day beverage sellouts, $1.6M and counting in sales, 325k+ customer accounts made, and 5M+ 1P/0P consumer data points. On June 1st 2022, MTN DEW® TYPHOON made a splash, returning to the MTN DEW® catalog by way of an exclusive DTC drop on The DEW® Store. The launch set all-time single-hour and single-day sales records, driving $335k in one day (63.3% of which came from Typhoon) with 36.1% of net sales driven by CRM. The limited release of MTN DEW Typhoon® marked the best-selling DTC beverage drop in the history of the brand

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾