Reviving a Classic Mtn Dew Flavor as a DTC Exclusive

It had been almost 15 years since the OG Mtn Dew flavor, Typhoon, was available to the public. Every Instagram and Reddit comment thread was flooded with Dew Nation begging for Typhoon’s awaited return. So when EI had the opportunity to relaunch the fan favorite as a limited-time DTC exclusive, we knew the strategy had to be robust.

How did we roll it out? There was no doubt scalpers were going to try and snatch all of the inventory, so we ensured that only people with accounts on Dew Nation HQ, Dew’s Loyalty Rewards Program, could purchase the coveted beverage. While protecting the product, this acted as an effective data capture method since fans needed to input their email to sign up. 

We then spearheaded the launch, executing a DTC strategy that involved a rebranded website experience for the Dew Store and Immense hype was generated through interactive social challenges on Dew Nation HQ leading up to, during, and after launch. To top it off, we produced creative assets for the merch drop and paid social, then amplified awareness through highly personalized CRM and SMS campaigns.

The approach struck a chord with fans, evident from the 52% click-through rate on SMS with CRM alone driving more than 36% of total sales. Typhoon remains Mountain Dew’s most technically seamless DTC drop. We grew their loyalty program by 400% and achieved their highest online sales in a single day. By understanding what fans wanted and delivering a unique personalized experience, Mountain Dew set a new standard for what DTC launches can be.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾