Kevin Hart’s tequila brand website launches in style with integrated DTC and CRM tech.

The foundation of the Gran Coramino and Ei relationship was laid during one of our earliest collaborations when we were approached to enhance their new DTC web experience. 

We orchestrated a comprehensive digital launch strategy, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge DTC and CRM technologies into the website. Our primary objective was to create an immersive e-commerce platform that not only captivated consumers but also harnessed first-party data to fuel personalized campaigns. We then customized the user interface, wrote original content, and designed the site to match the brand’s bold spirit.

Gran Coramino’s online debut led to impressive sales along with 12,000 email signups. The site’s custom UI drove 4.6% of all users to checkout and integrated CRM campaigns saw 53% email open rates with 31% click-through, surpassing industry averages of 30% and 1.2% respectively. As their lead digital agency, this was only the beginning of spearheading campaigns together.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾