Escape the Kraken: Retro-themed video game ignites product launch.

Long-time client, Kraken Rum was preparing to launch a line of ready to drink (RTD) products on their site and looked to Ei for an out-of-the-box campaign idea to help kick things up a notch.  They wanted the campaign to be highly engaging but also fun… and what’s more fun than video games? 

We came up with the concept of an old school, retro themed video game that would load in-browser,  called “Escape the Kracken”   Any fans willing to brave the treacherous seas, could compete for a high score of 88,888. Those who achieved it were rewarded with a free drink Koozy.  We custom-designed the cover art, soundtrack, and landing page, while our dev team had the opportunity to flex their digital muscles by creating the original gameplay mechanics.  Once complete, we activated a CRM strategy using the loyalty program we had previously created. 

The outcome was pure gold. It was one of the funnest campaigns we’ve been a part of and our client agreed so much, that going on year two, we’ve now reskinned the game for use in global launches.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾