Launching Cuervo’s New Premium Expression, Cristalino.

When Jose Cuervo asks if you can help launch a new product, you make sure it goes as smoothly as their tequila. 

To accompany the launch of Tradicional Cristalino , we created a landing page where users could read the flavor profile, find the product, learn about the Cristalino Nights initiative, and buy a bottle. We also updated the homepage hero and featured the product within the site’s menu to increase on-site placement for the new offering.  To further support the Cristalino launch & Cristalino Nights, we sent comms to the brands owned CRM list for consumer and trade audiences. 

These efforts resulted in 110,200 page views and 97,000 unique page views. The Cristalino Nights Announcement email achieved a 38% open rate, 1.8% click rate, and 6551 total clicks from email.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾