Launching Manhattan’s First Whiskey Distillery Since Prohibition.

Great Jones approached Ei with a compelling vision. Their ambition? To create an immersive whiskey experience that embodied NYC’s grit and grandeur. Not stopping there, they sought to establish the first-ever whiskey distillery accompanied by bars, retail spaces, and a restaurant.  If the stakes weren’t high enough- this would become the first whiskey distillery in NYC since prohibition. 

We started by developing brand guidelines and bringing strategy to their social media & CRM campaigns. Next, we delved into the design of fresh brand and event websites. We expanded our efforts to encompass customizing menus, tasting mats, brochures, and distillery experience campaigns.

Launch day arrived and not only did Great Jones make a memorable entrance,  it cemented its status in the heart of New York City. The CRM campaigns hit 70% open rates with almost 30% of recipients clicking through and over 16,000 customers booked distillery experiences. Great Jones turned heads and raised glasses. Their journey is a toast to the power of bold dreams and strategic execution, that is still just getting started.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾