Monumental Fintech merger leads to a new corporate identity ahead of NY Stock Exchange Debut.

In August of 2022, Global Fintech Powerhouse, Seemless Group Inc. merged with INFINT to accelerate their mission of providing financial services to the significant population of  “unbanked” worldwide.

In their own words; “Everyone in the world deserves a better life including the ability to access basic financial services” 

Ahead of their NY Stock Exchange debut, it was our absolute privilege at Ei to help lead the charge, by creating their company name, branding, and complete corporate identity for the newly formed organization. We left no stone unturned, starting with a full-fledged discovery phase to distill their entire brand ethos and values. We provided the logo, typeface, photography, and colors that will serve as foundational elements, to enable their mission for years to come. 

The result was CurrenC Group,  investing in leading fin-tech companies to make digital remittance globally accessible, connecting people and companies to a more prosperous future.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾