11/01/22 Blog Post |  Walter Shock

Sell Spirits Online with these 4 Compliant DTC Tech Platforms

For a long time, stocking with a retailer meant a brand was largely left out of the equation. They didn’t have insights on their customers, or the ability to follow up with them, and campaigns lacked real metrics. Plus, the brand paid a premium to be hosted by the seller – often with no real say about how their product was presented.

It’s 2022. Out with the old, in with the new. 

The spirits industry is changing rapidly toward a direct-to-consumer model where, when it comes to alcohol sales, compliance is key. Not all platforms are created equal, which is why we’ve vetted them thoroughly before recommending them to the brands we work with.

We’ve conducted an in-depth review of the best providers in Spirits DTC. Here are the 4 we recommend for efficiency, data-leveraging, and compliance.

Reserve Bar
A competitive choice for growing brands looking who can fare alongside household names. The API solution allows brands to sell via their own website as well as on the Reserve Bar marketplace. The platform offers a wide network of retailer coverage, and it’s rolling out subscriptions and on-demand options this year.

Accel Pay
A technology-focused solution allowing for true whitelabel DTC using Shopify checkout. This is good for brands with an existing merch store, as the products can be seamlessly integrated in bundles and promotions, but still functions perfectly without one. Subscription services are currently on the roadmap.

A simple but less customizable route requiring less tech support. A shop button added to the brand website drives to a proprietary checkout page, making it a solid option for brands without Shopify. An advantage is clear consumer visibility into order status tracking.

A more bespoke option for specialty goods, this platform specializes in fulfillment of custom packages including limited-edition spirits and merchandise. It’s a good option for brands with a strategic, one-of-a-kind value proposition, and offer shipping from their headquarters in California.

Choosing a DTC platform is based on your brand’s specific needs, goals, and architecture online. But one thing is for sure. The brands of the future will thrive by harnessing their own customer insights and CRM.

Knowledge is power. And in 2022, that means data.
Our team specializes in helping your brand make the right choice for DTC platforms, with a plan to measure and meet your goals. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can get you started.

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