Showcasing TINCUP As The Spirit of Adventure

When tasked with the creation of a new TINCUP commercial to encompass the brand as a whole, our mission was clear: to celebrate the brand’s intrinsic link to outdoor adventure and expand awareness.

Our team of writers, videographers, and photographers embarked on a journey to craft a script that deeply resonates with viewers on an emotional level. The resulting commercial showcases three intrepid hikers, their TINCUP flasks tucked away in their backpacks, conquering rugged terrain, scaling rocky outcrops, and forging through challenging creek crossings. Complementing this visual narrative, our soundscapes add an auditory dimension that immerse the audience in the adventure.

In a world where many are bound to their desks and screens, TINCUP offers a liberating alternative. Our commercial encourages the TINCUP audience to have an adventure, all while pushing their personal boundaries and forging deeper connections in the great outdoors.

Watch how we bring the Spirit of Adventure to life.

We’re your new secret weapon 🦾